A cloudless blue sky slowly gives way to a canopy of stars. A delicious catered meal. And wafting through it all, live music by some of the region’s best performers.

The Hafif Family Foundation presents their Concert Under the Stars series every other Saturday for six weeks and a total of three concerts every summer, and they’re getting ready to kick off the first performance very soon. 

The 2017 performers and dates are:

Concert Under the Stars

Hafif Family Foundation’s Concert Under the Stars tickets available through Foothill AIDS Project

Foothill AIDS Project has 12 tickets available for each concert this year for $75 each. Each ticket includes shuttle service, a catered dinner, live music and all in the majestic surroundings of the Hafif Family Estate in La Verne, Calif.

About the Concert Under the Stars

Hafif Family Foundation Concert Under the Stars tickets available through Foothill AIDS Project

The Foundation generously donates all tickets to area nonprofit charities and takes nothing for themselves. Every penny of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it takes to hire musicians and sound and light engineers, cater a dinner for thousands of people, provide shuttle services for those with mobility challenges, not to mention preparing and maintaining the amphitheater and its facilities for such crowds.


To purchase your tickets to the 2017 Concerts Under The Stars, contact Laura Silvius at Foothill AIDS Project by calling (909) 482-2066 ext. 313 or by email at laura@fapinfo.org. Treat yourself to a wonderful concert and delicious meal while helping support your friends and neighbors living with HIV!