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10 Reasons Why We Donate To Charity!

We love fancy cars & luxury clothing, and there’s nothing wrong with rewarding ourselves, but what happens when they no longer fulfill us?

Perhaps YOU ARE A PARENT who understands the level of work that it takes to raise a child, without the additional challenge of having a life-threatening virus… and you want to do your part to help parents who aren’t as lucky as you.

Perhaps YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED A DEPRESSION that painfully embedded itself in your heart until someone extended his or her hand to you… and now you want to extend your hand to others the best you can.

Perhaps YOU HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH HIV and can still recall the emotions that rushed through your body the instant you found out you were positive… and you want to support a community that takes care of individuals who are experiencing the same emotions you did.

In 1987, the Foothill AIDS Project founders came across theses same feelings as they saw friends and family become crippled by the HIV/AIDS epidemic and no one to help them.  It was then that they decided to help people with HIV/AIDS access care, so they could live with dignity and embrace a healthy future.

In 2015 alone, the Foothills AIDS Project served 2,203 people affected by HIV/AIDS. Collectively, we have helped house 619 families, transport 495 to and from medical appointments, counsel 208 in early intervention as well as deliver education/outreach programs, medical & mental case management and more.

But today is not about us; today is about YOU!!

 You are here because you already understand how powerful a donation of any size can be, but you want to do more, and we want to help.

With a goal of inspiring more people to donate, we asked ourselves; WHY DO people give to charity?

And after reviewing journals from prestigious universities such as the Harvard Business Review, and psychology journals from leading medical institutes, we can provide you “10 Reasons Why We Donate to Charity“.



1 Donations Are Tax Deductible

The amount you donate is tax deductible. Even the amounts you spend on charity related travel, parking costs, and even event fees are all tax deductible. Why wouldn’t you give when you receive it back from the government?  Donating just makes sense!


2 Poverty & Disease Can Be Solved

Crowdfunding has grown so much in the past few years because we now realize the true potential of what we can achieve socially if we come together and give just a little. By giving just a little, we can use information, technology and resources to wipe out poverty and disease together.


3 Giving to Charity Improves Your Sense of Well-Being

There’s a quote that says, “The purpose of live is to live a life of purpose”. Knowing you sacrificed time, money or property to support someone during a critical stage of their life will give your life’s purpose an inner sense of satisfaction.


4 Donating Keeps You Informed About Social Injustice

People donate to charity organizations they understand and know about. Unfortunately, in many instances it takes a family member or friend to be affected before we take the time to research and understand the issues. We keep all donators informed with events, resources, and tools they can use to deal with HIV/AIDS.
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5 People Donate to Innovative Charities

There are so many charities that someone can donate to, but many people worry that donations will not reach the intended recipients. That’s why FAP has embraced the digital age. We understand that every dollar spent on digitally educating and informing the public reaches 1000’s more people and can prevent 100’s of young endangered lives who are engaged on social media.


6 Giving to A Charity Out Of Spiritual Conviction Can Strengthen Your Spiritual Life

A vital part of any spiritual or religious belief system is selfless giving. Taking such action that is inline with your belief system by offering your resources to others can bring a sense of inner peace and contentment.


7 Donating Can Result in Physical & Social Benefits

It is scientifically proven that when we give to others of our time, care, or finances we actually release a chemical called Oxytocin. What’s amazing is that it is responsible for generating every cell in every organ of your body. In other words, if you want desperately to physically heal yourself, then start healing today, start healing right now by giving of yourself to others.



8 Donate Because You Have the Financial Resources

To some people in this world, $100 dollars could put a roof over a family’s head for a month; it could purchase life saving medicine for a sick child. To others it means missing that daily coffee for two weeks, or not purchasing a new pair of shoes. When we look outside ourselves and see what others don’t have, BUT we DO have, then making the decision to donate becomes simple.


9 Because We Were Once In Need Of Support

Maybe someone made an impact in your life when you needed it most?  Even if we look around and see that we have nothing, miraculously, someone crosses your path who can lift you out of your hole. Sometimes, it’s not even money that people need, BUT someone who cares enough to motivate them and cares enough to keep them accountable. Charities foster these experiences.


10 Giving Brings Us Closer to Creating the World We Want to Live In

There are so many injustices in the world and so many problems in the world. When we look around we can feel helpless and sometimes hopeless. BUT today, even if it’s just one small act of giving, we can make a difference that brings us closer to creating the world we want to live in. And no one can take that away from us!!

We hope you enjoyed 10 Reasons Why We Donate To Charity and hope you join our community, donate and get involved.