• Maritza Tona, Executive Director  (Claremont)
  • Marie Francois, Director of Programs (San Bernardino, Riverside)
  • La Monica Stowers, Director of Contracts and Grants (Claremont) 



  • Angelica Cespedes, Program Support Assistant (Claremont)
  • Joanna Jacobo, Program Support (Claremont) 
  • Selvio Martinez, Operations Manager (San Bernardino)
  • Adije Nelson, Accounting Manager (Claremont)
  • Akeeb Tejani, Central Fund Manager (Claremont)


Housing Assistance 

  • Silvestre Aceves Reyes, Housing Navigator (San Bernardino)
  • Keith Billig, Housing Case Manager (San Bernardino, Hesperia)
  • Noemy Botello, Housing Navigator (Riverside)
  • Leslie Evans, Housing Coordinator (San Bernardino)
  • Yosselin Gonzalez, Housing Navigator (Claremont, Pasadena, East LA)
  • Jose Millan, Housing Case Manager (Riverside)
  • Kristina Morris, Housing Case Manager (San Bernardino)
  • Irene Ramirez, Housing Specialist LA County (East LA)
  • Litza Reilly, Manager of Housing Programs (Claremont)
  • Maria Valles, Housing Specialist LA County (Claremont)


Case Management

  • Daniel Castillo, Eligibility Worker Part A (San Bernardino)
  • Michael Chavez, 340B License Vocational Nurse (San Bernardino)
  • Jessica Fernandez, Case Manager Part B (San Bernardino)
  • Darrick Flye, EIS Case Manager (San Bernardino, Riverside)
  • K’Dee Galindo, Medical Case Manager (San Bernardino)
  • Maria Gomez, EIS Case Manager (San Bernardino)
  • Falina Gonzales, Case Manager Part A (San Bernardino, Riverside) 
  • Charmaine Hurst, Case Manager Part B (San Bernardino)
  • Aida Juarez, Case Manager (Hesperia)
  • Roland Lopez, Eligibility Worker Part B (San Bernardino)
  • Mike Maher, Medical Case Manager (Claremont) 
  • Rachel Middleton, EIS Case Manager (San Bernardino)
  • Lorena Pinedo, Case Manager (Claremont)
  • Linda Velasquez, Case Manager Part A (Hesperia)
  • Sabrina Zamora, Case Manager (San Bernardino)


Behavioral Health & Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

  • Jerry Chan, Lead SUD Counselor (Riverside)
  • Heidi Ferguson, Mental Health Clinician (Riverside) 
  • John Hynes, Mental Health Clinician (San Bernardino) 
  • Marta Loewen, SUD Counselor (San Bernardino) 
  • Sheila Marshall, Director of Mental Health and SUD (San Bernardino, Riverside, Hesperia)
  • Michael Maynard, Mental Health Clinician (Hesperia)
  • Verneeda McCall, Mental Health Clinician (San Bernardino)
  • Lucy Mendoza, Psychsocial Case Manager (San Bernardino)
  • Jenni Richardson, SUD Counselor (Hesperia)


Transportation Assistance- Van Connect 

  • Rafael Gallardo, Driver (San Bernardino)
  • Joe Wilkins, Driver (Hesperia)
  • Greg Zarco, Mobility Coordinator/Housing Quality Assurance (Hesperia, San Bernardino)


Outreach Services

Diana Martinez, Outreach Services (San Bernardino)


Updated 11/2020

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