People Living with HIV (PLWH) whose basic nutritional needs are met are better equipped to adhere to HIV treatment regimens thus improving health outcomes and overall well-being.    

Our food assistance program includes:

  • distribution of food vouchers
  • referrals to other community food assistance providers
  • monthly food assistance is available for registered clients and is based upon eligibility and availability 

At FAP, we see that clients who learn more about nutritious food consumption show improvement–  sometimes dramatic improvement — in their disease management. This influences additional aspects of their lives, including management of anxiety, depression, stress and difficult life situations. 

FAP’s Medical Nutrition Therapy Program is offered with a medical provider’s referral and assists clients in their efforts to learn more about how to manage disease processes and health care through improved nutritional support. 

To determine if you are eligible for food and nutrition assistance, talk to your case manager or contact individual offices.

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Updated 6/2021