8 Reasons We Invest Our Time in Volunteer Opportunities with Charities and Nonprofits!

When you desire to make a difference in the people’s lives but lack the funds to offer a monetary donation, getting involved in volunteer opportunities is the way to go!  Continue reading and DISCOVER the BENEFITS!

Has your heart ever gone out to a family within your community, who you heard became consumed by an illness that debilitated them to the point where they were unable to receive treatment?

Or perhaps even worse, you discovered that because they have little to no income, they can’t afford the car & fuel to get them to a center that offers treatment for free.

If you’ve ever felt any of the above (or something similar to), for folks who are down on their luck, we understand your perspective and want to shine a little positivity on how you can help.

You see, 28 years ago, when the HIV/AIDS epidemic exploded into the San Bernardino area, we were struck with pain as we watched close friends and family die with no help from anyone, including the government.  It was then that a small group of us got together in a Pomona living room to form the Foothill AIDS Project.

Back then we could only help a few people at a time. Today, however, things have changed, and we are now serving over 2,200 men, women, and young adults in the Inland Empire area!

 That said, we decided to put together a handful of reasons why our volunteers tell us they keep coming back, with hopes that one or more of these reasons will inspire YOU to get involved in our volunteer opportunities near you!


1. You Make Your Community A Better Place:

One of the widest known benefits of volunteering is the impact that it has on a community.  Even when you help out with what feels like the smallest task, your efforts will contribute to the lives of individuals who rely on your organization of choice, in their time of need.


2. Sometimes New Friends & Contacts Are Needed:

If you have recently relocated or require a change of ‘social scenery,’ volunteer for a cause that resonates with your heart.  In addition to strengthening personal ties with your new community, this will put you in direct contact with local resources and activities that would have otherwise been a mystery to you.


3. Shy Folks Just Want to Have Fun, TOO:

If you tend to be more shy than outgoing, volunteering offers you an opportunity to develop and nurture new social skills.  (i.e.) When you are meeting with a group of individuals who share common interests, your confidence will rise as you naturally become more outgoing.


4. Step into Self-Confidence WITH CONFIDENCE:

According to HelpGuide.org, “when you’re ‘doing good’ for others and your community, you’re doing good for your mind and body, which leads to a greater sense of self-esteem, life satisfaction, and self-confidence”. Additionally, your work as a volunteer can also help you develop a stronger sense of pride and identity as you begin to feel better about yourself.


5. Nurture Your Sense of Purpose & Watch it Blossom:

As your newly defined confidence develops, you are very likely to have a rejuvenated positive view on your life, future goals and your sense of purpose.  If a break-up or loss of a loved one was what lead to you losing your sense of purpose; volunteering has also been known to help folks get out of their own mind and back on their feet.


6. Slap Depression in the Face LIKE SO:

One of the main challenges with depression is that it often keeps its ‘owner’ in a place of social isolation.  With volunteering, you’ll find yourself in regular contact with others, which helps you develop a type of safe support system, in-hand distracting you from ‘circling the drain’ with incessant thoughts of negativity that we just want to go away.


7. Test ‘New Career’ Ideas Without Paying for School:

If you’re looking to shift ‘career gears’ without having to make a long-term commitment; volunteering can provide you with this opportunity while adding depth to your character in the eyes of a new employer.


8. Invest In Your Community & They Invest IN YOU:

In many cases, people think that unpaid work means the skills required are very basic, but that’s far from true.  For example, at FAP, we have recently invested in a new social media program which includes 1000’s of dollars worth online training. We did this so the volunteers who help us with our social media could benefit from the free marketing strategies that we are using; to help them grow their business.

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Interested In Volunteer Opportunities with us here at Foothill Aids Project?

A small, but dedicated corps of volunteers make invaluable contributions to Foothill AIDS Project (FAP) every day. The projects we assign to volunteers depend entirely on each volunteer’s availability during the business day or evening, as well as the skills and interests that each volunteer brings to FAP. Duties performed routinely by volunteers include:

  • answering the telephone in any one of our four offices,
  • assisting with basic office/administrative duties in every office,
  • conducting targeted online research for staff members,
  • assembling or labeling large mailings,
  • cooking for or serving food at events for clients,
  • assembling food bags or other packages for clients,
  • advancing specific social media initiatives, as well as
  • donating a few hours during evenings or on weekends to help staff organize and produce large events for clients or donors.

To protect our clients, volunteers and staff are required to get annual screenings for TB at their own expense and to share those lab results with FAP.