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Housing Services and Health Management Programs for PLWH

Our organization not only offers health management programs for people with HIV, but we also provide housing support services that are designed to reduce or prevent their homelessness. The goal of this program is to increase the availability of decent, safe, and affordable housing for low-income persons living with HIV (PLWH).

The availability of services may differ from county to county and may include:

  • Short-Term Emergency Rent
  • Mortgage
  • Utility Assistance To Prevent Homelessness
  • Housing Information
  • Tenant-Based or Project-Based Rental Assistance
  • Other Support Services
  • The Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

“I couldn’t find a landlord to work with my vouchers. FAP found me and my kids a home.”

“I was homeless, but the staff at FAP got me into a hotel and into an apartment.”

Providing Independent Living Opportunities

At FAP, our case managers work with eligible clients to develop unique and individual plans as well as a monthly budget that supports independent living in a comfortable environment. To qualify for this program, you must be diagnosed with HIV and meet certain income standards.

Care Coordination

Care coordination is our organization’s comprehensive and specialized case management program. It connects individuals living with HIV to the resources they need to get optimal health and well-being.

Case Management

Case management can be critical in the effort to live well with HIV. At FAP, our friendly, diverse professional staff will work with you to determine what your needs are and find the best way to help you. Your case manager will link you to important support services such as:

  • Local Medical/Dental Services
  • Social, Community, Legal, and Financial Services

Enrolled clients have the option to be linked to:

  • Mental Health Services
  • Substance Use Disorder Programs
  • Medical Case Management
  • Food Assistance Programs
  • Transportation Assistance Programs

Psychosocial Case Management

Good mental health and social well-being will help you live your life to the fullest and is essential to successfully treating HIV. For this reason, our psychosocial support services at FAP include the delivery of education and support to individuals, families, aging population, and monolingual Spanish-speaking clients.

We understand

That almost every person faces mental health challenges at some point. That’s why our psychosocial case management program is designed to help you identify when, how, and where to get help to improve your overall well-being. Our psychosocial support services include:

  • Learning To Cope With Anticipated Stigma
  • Mental and Physical Health Symptoms
  • Protective Factors Such as Coping and Social Support To Improve Quality of Life

Medical Case Management

Here at FAP, we offer Medical Case Management (MCM) programs to people living with HIV. MCM aims to guide you in your healthcare journey by helping you better understand your HIV care, read and understand labs, and implementing care plans with long-term achievable goals. Our clients and MCM staff work together each step of the way towards viral suppression, better health outcomes, and great quality of life.

Case management

Will be available to you on an ongoing basis, continually monitoring your needs and coordinating services without charging you any fees. If you or someone you know is living with HIV, please reach out to our dedicated case management teams so we can help you to recover.

Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder

FAP’s Whole Person Mental Wellness Program covers the full range of your mental and emotional well-being in a comprehensive, caring, and sensitive manner. Our services also address the needs of clients at multiple stages of readiness for treatment.

We’ll listen, and we’ll work together to develop a plan that fits your life.

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The program is staffed

By on-site licensed or certified mental health clinicians and certified substance abuse counselors. These professionals specialize in serving people with multiple diagnoses of mental illness, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS. Our integrated mental health and substance use disorder treatment services provide:

  • Day and Evening Bilingual Services
  • Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy
  • Group Counseling
  • Aftercare Groups
  • Social Interaction Groups
  • Men’s and Women’s Groups
  • Referrals to Special Mental Health Professionals
  • Pre-Treatment/Recovery Readiness Program Interventions To Support the “Whole Person” Approach to Integrative Care

Health Management Programs That Help You in Your Journey

An HIV diagnosis can worsen the severity of depression and anxiety symptoms. And since group therapy is proven to be a powerful treatment strategy, newly diagnosed clients experience positive reinforcement and reduced isolation when they interact with others coping successfully with HIV and living productive lives.

Mental health treatment has been demonstrated to increase HIV treatment adherence, improve health outcomes, and reduce viral transmission. We know this journey can be long and winding, but we will be there with you every step of the way. We are in this together.


We’ll leave no stone unturned in our pursuit for a long and healthy life for you. We won’t automatically prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach because your journey will depend on what you need. With our holistic approach, we can start by offering you talk therapy, support group, medication, or even a yoga class. No matter what it is, we’ll find an activity or an environment that can help you thrive.

Transportation Support Services

FAP collaborates with outside agencies to assist enrolled clients in attending medical and service appointments with ease. This allows us to offer transportation support services that varies by location. The program includes:

  • Taxi Services
  • Bus Passes
  • Foothill Transit
  • Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA)
  • OmniTrans
  • Title VI Plan
  • RTA
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VAN-CONNECT is a transportation program that provides “Curb-to-Curb” assisted transportation to seniors and individuals with disabilities. These can be people who cannot easily use other transportation services in the High Desert Region, San Bernardino, and other neighboring cities.

Food and Nutrition Assistance

At FAP, we see that clients who learn more about nutritious food consumption show improvement—sometimes drastic—in their disease management journey. This can influence additional aspects of their lives, including management of anxiety, depression, stress, and difficult life situations.

Additionally, PLWH whose basic nutritional needs are met are better equipped to adhere to HIV treatment regimens. This leads to improving health outcomes and overall well-being.

For this reason, our organization provides food assistance programs that include:

  • Distribution of Food Vouchers
  • Referrals to Other Community Food Assistance Providers
  • Monthly Food Assistance Is Available For Registered Clients and Is Based Upon Eligibility and Availability

FAP’s Medical Nutrition Therapy Program

Is offered with a medical provider’s referral. They also assist clients in their efforts to learn more about how to manage disease processes and health care through improved nutritional support. To determine if you are eligible for food and nutrition assistance, talk to your case manager or contact our organization’s individual offices.

Reach Out Now

If you would like to get the support you need, our organization’s doors are open for you. Whether it may be in the form of housing services, care management, transportation assistance, or food and nutrition assistance, we will be more than happy to help you out.