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8 Reasons To Take Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to help someone consumed by an illness but can't? Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives but lack the funds to offer a monetary donation? At FAP, we understand your perspective. That’s why we’re here to show you how you can help those in need.

How We Started

When the HIV/AIDS epidemic exploded into the San Bernardino area in 1987, we were struck with pain. We watched close friends and family die with no help from anyone, including the government. It was then that a small group of us got together in a Pomona living room to form the Foothill AIDS Project.

Our Organization

Today, our organization has served over 2,200 men, women, and young adults in the Inland Empire area! Collectively, we’ve helped house 619 families, transport 495 to and from medical appointments, counsel 208 in early intervention, as well as deliver education and outreach programs, medical and mental case management, and more.

With that said, we decided to put together a handful of reasons why our volunteers keep coming back, with hopes that it will inspire you to take volunteer opportunities as well.

  • 1. You Make Your Community A Better Place:

    One of the widest known benefits of volunteering is the impact that it has on a community. When you volunteer for a cause, even the littlest things you do can positively impact the lives of the individuals you are helping.

  • 2. Sometimes New Friends & Contacts Are Needed:

    If you have recently relocated or require a change of ‘social scenery,’ then volunteer for a cause you believe in. It will strengthen your ties with your new community and open your doors to more opportunities.

  • 3. Shy Folks Just Want To Have Fun Too:

    Did you know that volunteering helps you develop and nurture new social skills? By joining an organization, you will meet individuals who share common interests. They will help you build your confidence and become more comfortable in various social situations.

  • 4. Step Into Self-Confidence With Confidence:

    According to, “when you’re ‘doing good’ for others and your community, you’re doing good for your mind and body, which leads to a greater sense of self-esteem, life satisfaction, and self-confidence”. Your work as a volunteer can also help you develop a stronger sense of pride and identity as you begin to feel better about yourself.

  • 5. Nurture Your Sense of Purpose & Watch It Blossom:

    Volunteering has been known to help folks get out of their own mind and back on their feet. It will help you have a fresh take on life and find a deeper sense of purpose.

  • 6. Slap Depression in the Face Like So:

    One of the main challenges with depression is that it often keeps its ‘owner’ in a place of social isolation. With volunteering, you’ll find yourself in regular contact with others, helping you develop a type of safe support system.

  • 7. Test ‘New Career’ Ideas Without Paying for School:

    If you’re looking to shift ‘career gears’ without having to make a long-term commitment, volunteering can provide you with this opportunity. It can add depth to your character in the eyes of a new employer.

  • 8. Invest in Your Community & They Invest in You

    In many cases, people think that unpaid work means the skills required are very basic, but that’s far from true. For example, at FAP, we have recently invested in a new social media program that includes thousands of dollars’ worth of online training. We did this so the volunteers who help us could benefit from the free marketing strategies that we’re using to help them grow their businesses.

Interested in Volunteer
Opportunities With Us?

At FAP, we assign projects depending on the availability, skills, and interests of our volunteers. Duties performed routinely include:

  • Answering the telephone in any one of our four offices
  • Assisting with basic office/administrative duties in every office
  • Conducting targeted online research for staff members
  • Assembling or labeling large mailings
  • Cooking for or serving food at events for clients
  • Assembling food bags or other packages for clients
  • Advancing specific social media initiatives
  • Donating a few hours during evenings or on weekends to help staff organize and produce large events for clients and donors
  • Annual screenings for TB at their own expense and to share those lab results with FAP

10 Reasons Why We Donate to Charity

There are many reasons why people volunteer. Some may want to give back a helping hand. There are parents who want to help other parents raise their children with HIV. Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with HIV and want to support a community that helps others like you. Whatever your reason is, we'll be there for you.

With a goal of inspiring more people to donate, here are our 10 reasons why you should donate to charity.

  • 1. Donations Are Tax-Deductible

    The amount you donate is tax-deductible. Even the amounts you spend on charity-related travel, parking costs, and even event fees are all tax-deductible. Why wouldn’t you give when you receive it back from the government?

  • 2. Poverty & Disease Can Be Solved

    Crowdfunding has grown so much in the past few years because we now realize the true potential of what we can achieve if we come together. By giving just a little, we can use information, technology, and resources to wipe out poverty and disease together.

  • 3. Giving to Charity Improves Your Sense of Well-Being

    There’s a quote that says, “The purpose of live is to live a life of purpose”. Knowing you sacrificed time, money, or property to support someone during a critical stage of their life will give you an inner sense of satisfaction.

  • 4. Donating Keeps You Informed About Social Injustice

    People donate to charity organizations they understand and know about. Unfortunately, in many instances, it takes a family member or friend to be affected before we take the time to research and understand the issues. We keep all donators informed with events, resources, and tools they can use to deal with HIV/AIDS.

  • 5. People Donate To Innovative Charities

    There are so many charities that someone can donate to, but many people worry that donations will not reach the intended recipients. That’s why FAP has embraced the digital age. We understand that every dollar spent on digitally educating and informing the public reaches 1000’s more people and can prevent 100’s of young endangered lives who are engaged on social media.

  • 6. Selfless Giving Can Strengthen Your Spiritual Life

    A vital part of any spiritual or religious belief system is selfless giving. Taking such action that is online with your belief system by offering your resources to others can bring a sense of inner peace and contentment.

  • 7. Donating Can Result in Physical & Social Benefits

    It is scientifically proven that when we give to others of our time, care, or finances, we actually release a chemical called Oxytocin. What’s amazing is that it is responsible for generating every cell in every organ of your body. In other words, if you want desperately to physically heal yourself, you can start by giving a part of yourself to others.

  • 8. Donate Because You Have the Financial Resources

    To some people in this world, $100 could put a roof over a family’s head for a month. It could purchase life-saving medicine for a sick child. To others, it means missing that daily coffee for two weeks, or not purchasing a new pair of shoes. When we look outside ourselves and see what others don’t have, making the decision to donate becomes simple.

  • 9. Because We Were Once in Need of Support

    Maybe someone made an impact in your life when you needed it most. Sometimes, it’s not even money that people need, BUT someone who cares enough to motivate them and cares enough to keep them accountable. Charities foster these experiences.

  • 10. It Creates the World We Want To Live In

    There are so many injustices and problems in the world. However, even if it’s just one small act of giving, we can make a difference that brings us closer to creating the world we want to live in.

Lend a Helping Hand

If you would like to help in supporting People Living with HIV, you can donate to our organization today. We appreciate all our donors’ contribution.